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My mother’s stay at the Reservoir Center, has been a really great stay. The nurses and other staff members have treated her with kindness and respect. She has felt very at home here. Coming from Whittier, her experience has been much better. She started eating the food more, than at Whittier. Has felt more comfortable. Friendly people make her feel and know she is in great care and great hands. The Reservoir has treated my mother so well that I appreciate everything that was done for her here to have a much better recovery. Therapy here has helped her recover so much more, than when she came from Whittier. Her mobility of her hand and arm (right). The mobility of her legs walking even better. Up and down stairs. I would recommend to anyone having a family member with the same difficulty or any other difficulty to have them installed here. Thank you.

— O.A.

The team at the Reservoir Center for Health & Rehabilitation saved my life! I was admitted to The Reservoir to recover from a bout of pneumonia and my CHF. The Rehab team got me out of bed and developed a therapy plan for me. I was on fluid restriction and water pills. I loved the staff here, friendly happy nurses aids and rehab team. They always make time to listen. I would highly recommend The Reservoir to anyone in need of their services.

— R.M.

What a great center! I came to The Reservoir following surgery at Leonard Morse, after suffering a bilateral leg fracture. The therapy is very helpful. I found the center to be clean as a whistle. The communication between the nurses and resident and resident and physician was great! I would recommend The Reservoir Center for Health & Rehabilitation to others. Thanks Reservoir!

— C.M.

My stay here as been as good as it could be. All doctors, nurses and support people have treated me with care and respect. The food is fine except I am in the middle of getting dentures made so some of the food I could not chew. I think that all centers should be set up the way The Reservoir is. Having a rehab so close they can respond when needed. All therapists treat you with care and respect and really try to get you back on your feet soonest. I would not have a problem returning here if it was needed. Thank you all for the care you have given me.

— R.H.